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With the return of Moray, the fortunes of The Paradise are on the up, but Moray must act tactfully if he is to win his store back from Tom and Katherine Weston.

Moray welcomes his friend from Paris, Clémence Romanis, to The Paradise. A dazzling and tactile woman, her intimacy with Moray instantly rouses Denise’s jealousy. Clémence has come to strike a business deal with The Paradise to sell her fireworks – however, negotiations are delayed when Tom Weston gets involved.

The joy of a fireworks display is overshadowed when a cart carrying the half-dead Jonas Franks arrives in the street. Tom watches intrigued as recognition turns to shock on the faces of Moray and Dudley. A concerned Dudley argues with Moray that by offering Jonas shelter they welcome danger, only to find himself indebted to the man he fears.

As Clémence openly challenges the limitations of the female sex, Denise’s jealousy of her soon turns to respect. But as more people become entangled in Clémence’s web, Denise finds herself torn by what is right, and when it starts to threaten Katherine’s carefully crafted world, Katherine is forced to take matters into her own hands.

Meanwhile, Miss Audrey is forced to think about her future happiness.

The Paradise continues on Sunday, 27 October at 8pm on BBC One.

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  1. Why couldn’t they find a real French actress to play Clémence? I find it SO annoying when they choose someone who speaks a little French to put on a really heavy “French accent” and speak in “French” (which actual French people can hardly understand at all)

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