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The doors to The Paradise open for a second series on BBC One on, 20 October at 8pm.

Starring Joanna Vanderam, Emun Elliott and Elaine Cassidy, new additions to the cast include: Ben Daniels and Adrian Scarborough and a departure in the second episode, as Sarah Lancashire leaves her role of Miss Audrey.

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When Moray jilted Katherine and chose Denise, Lord Glendenning’s vengeance was swift. He took ownership of The Paradise and Moray was cast out. For a year, Denise and Moray were separated. Moray worked in Paris while The Paradise struggled.

A year later, and The Paradise is struggling to survive without its charismatic owner, Moray. In the wake of the scandal, and for reasons that remain a mystery to her, Denise was permitted to stay at The Paradise. Ripped apart the moment their love was declared, Denise has only Moray’s letters and her brave determination to help her survive. Meanwhile, Lord Glendenning and Katherine vanished from the city.

Lord Glendenning has instructed his agent to sell The Paradise and Dudley is devastated when his last hope to invigorate sales ends in grief.

Now unforeseen forces bring Moray back and the lovers are reunited. But their elation is fleeting, as the shock arrival of Katherine and her new husband Tom Weston sends everybody spinning. Displaying his renowned enigmatic flare, Moray controversially shuts the doors of The Paradise for a day, hoping to create a fever of gossip in which to launch a grand sale of exotic goods from his travels. However, when the grand opening is threatened by sabotage, Denise’s suspicions lead her to an uncomfortable discovery.

Meanwhile, Miss Audrey, no longer content with the stasis of her relationship with Edmund, is pushed into doing something about it.

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