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Production begins on second series of BBC3 zombie drama.


Filming has begun on the second series of BBC Three’s acclaimed zombie drama, In the Flesh from writer and creator, Dominic Mitchell.

The six-part series which began filming on Monday 7 October, stars Luke Newberry (Hercules, The Legend Begins) as teenager Kieren – a PDS (Partially Deceased Syndrome) sufferer who continues in his struggle to find acceptance. 

Joining Luke is new cast members including, Wunmi Mosaku (Dancing on the Edge, I am Slave) playing local Member of Parliament, Maxine Martin, and in a departure from his more familiar bad boy roles, Emmett J Scanlan (The Fall, Hollyoaks) who plays charismatic disciple of the Undead Prophet, Simon.

In the cauldron of Roarton, where the living and the undead have reached a fragile peace, Kieren is desperately keeping his head down and squirreling money into his ‘escape fund’.  But in the wider world, fear is in the air. The radical Pro-Living Party, Victus, is gaining government seats with a resulting spate of PDS Terrorism linked to the Undead Liberation Army (ULA). With the arrival of new and explosive characters from both Victus and the ULA, Kieren’s plans are thrown into disarray as both set their sights on him. He’ll find himself caught in the emotional crossfire, making his desire for a quiet life an unavailable option.

Dominic Mitchell, says, “Returning to Roarton village has been a real joy, revisiting old characters and inventing new ones, entangling their lives and their loves. My hope is that In the Flesh season two will have something for everyone: with high octane genre thrills running alongside emotional, hard hitting domestic drama, with plenty of black humor to boot.”

Returning to the series, Luke Newberry (Kieren Walker) leads the cast together with Emily Bevan (as upbeat friend to Kieren and fellow medicated zombie Amy Dyer), Harriet Cains (feisty sister, Jem Walker) and Stephen Thompson (aspirational Parish councilor Philip Wilson).

Also returning are Kenneth Cranham (Vicar Oddie), Kevin Sutton (Gary), Steve Cooper (Steve Walker), Marie Critchley (Sue Walker), Sandra Hugget (Shirley Wilson), Gerard Thompson (Dean) and Gillian Waugh (Pearl Pinder).

Luke Newberry says: “I’m very excited to continue on Kieren’s journey, and am delighted In The Flesh will be returning for a second series. New characters arrive in Roarton, introducing him to further challenges and new dilemmas, as he begins to feel trapped between the living and the dead.”

Director, Jim O’Hanlon, says: “With its uniquely naturalistic take on the zombie genre, told as much from the point of view of the zombies (or PDS Sufferers) themselves, as that of the locals forced to live alongside them, In The Flesh is original, dramatic, funny, politically engaged and never less than 100% emotionally truthful.

“It’s rare to find a series that is so exciting, entertaining and humorous, and yet has so much to say about the world we live in today. The characters have genuine verve, wit, colour and depth and I can’t wait to get started on bringing them to life.”

BBC Three Controller, Zai Bennett, says: “I am excited that BBC Three viewers will once again have the chance to immerse themselves in writer Dominic Mitchell’s intricate world, which brings such realism to the scenario of medicated zombies being reintegrated into the community. The popularity of series one is testament to the strength of the cast, production team and conviction with which Dominic writes.”

The drama is made by BBC Drama Production North in co-production with BBC America. Directing is Jim O’Hanlon, producer is John Rushton and is executive produced by Hilary Martin, Katie McAleese and Ann Harrison Baxter. The development producer is Simon Judd.

In the Flesh is filmed around the North West of England and will air on BBC Three in 2014.