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The Paradise episode 2 airs on Sunday, 27 October at 8pm on BBC One. Info and pictures here.

Check out the teasers below:

“Good lord! Is it a harem or a hen party?”

“It is the way… It is the way the men have decided on.”

“Perhaps I have come to appreciate the value of justice!”

“Girls, I’m not quite disposed yet.”

“Because you’re a kindly soul, and the young women will love you for it.”

“If that is a women ruled by men, then I’m a pin cushion.”

“It is not my place to tell her private business Denise.”

“I see. When the old hen is about to leave the perch, the young hens certainly do start to flutter their feathers.”

“I want to be Moray.”

“Audrey in The Three Crowns… No!”

“That bloody French woman!”

“Mr Moray is not to blame for your plight.”