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Can you guess who says what?


(C) Urban Myth Films/Nick Briggs

Atlantis continues on Saturday, 26 October at 8.15-9.00pm on BBC One.

Check out the teasers below:

“Perhaps I have paid a price that is too high.”

“The gods will not allow me to see my own destiny.”

“I will not leave the people to the mercy of Pasiphae.”

“How much of what I said did your hear?”

“Ariadne’s life is in danger!”

“Really Pythagoras, do I have to explain with diagrams?”

“You seem to be getting very attached.”

“I’m not inclined to converse with thieves.”

“Mislead me again and I shall determine your fate for you!”

“You have risked your life for a beetle!”

“I can give you jewels… or pain, that is all.”

“It’s difficult for me to know who I can trust.”