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Can you guess who says what?


(C) Urban Myth Films/Nick Briggs

Atlantis continues on BBC One on Saturday, 12th October at 8.30-9.15pm.

Check out the teasers below…

“Any chance you could see your way to helping us?”

“You dare to touch me?”

“My lord, the old man dishonored me with his words.”

“You are forgetting you are not my mother.”

“They did well, even Hercules. For such a fast man he has a very surprising turn of speed.”

“I dream of being killed by the bull.”

“I do not want my freedom if this is the cost.”

“I had hoped to escort you to the bull leaping.”

“Just remember – it’s all in the eyes.”

“Don’t give them the satisfaction of seeing your fear.”

“Then you are well suited to the role!”

“Well there can be no doubt in Medusa’s feelings for me now.”