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The Wrong Mans begins on BBC Two on Tuesday, 24 September at 9.00pm to 9.30pm.

Sam Pinkett and Phil Bourne, office workers for Berkshire County Council, have their menial existence turned upside-down by a chance phonecall and a case of mistaken identity.

After being sole witness to a car crash on a desolate country road, Sam (Mathew Baynton) answers an abandoned mobile telephone and hears a message that was clearly not meant for him: “If you are not here by 5 o’clock, we will kill your wife”. Encouraged by the office mailroom delivery boy that they can be the heroes of the hour, they soon find themselves plunged into a deadly kidnap situation.

Sam and Phil (James Corden) soon find they’re dodging bullets and escaping explosions in their quest to save not just themselves, but their loved ones and ultimately their whole town.

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