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The most controversial film proves Marmite with audiences and critics alike.


From the Director of Das Experiment, Downfall and The Invasion Director, Oliver Hirschbiegel, comes the most controversial film of 2013, Diana.

The film tells us the story of the last two years of Diana’s life, and her love affair with heart surgeon Hasnet Khan. Naomi Watts (King Kong, The Impossible) portrays The Princess of Wales. Whilst British Indian actor, Naveen Andrews (Mighty Joe Young, Lost) portrays the heart surgeon Hasnet Khan.

The biopic film tells us the heartbreak tale of the world’s most famous and loved woman two years after her divorce from Prince Charles and before her death in the tragic car crash which happened in Paris on the 31st August 1997.

The film opens with her getting ready to leave the hotel shortly before her death. As the scene cuts, it takes us back two years and shows us the continuing work she did for charity and gives us an insight of how she really felt when she went home to her Kensington palace; Sad and lonely following the divorce of her and Prince Charles, however, the hatred for him with the knowledge that he has been secretly meeting up with Camilla. She decides to give a TV interview which will be aired later in the following weeks, which she thinks could help her and be the end of this heartbreaking story. She then get’s the news her friend Oonagh’s (Geraldine JamesCalendar Girls, Made In Dagenham) husband has been rushed to The Royal Brompton Hospital and decides to go and comfort her and give her a shoulder to cry on. That is when she meets and falls in love with Doctor Hasnet Khan who insists on getting Oonagh’s husband into surgery straight away. The next few days Diana begins to see more of Hasnet Khan and both begin to start a love affair which causes a lot of tension but yet, happiness to Diana, which clearly she hasn’t had in such a long time – Not even with her ex husband, Prince Charles.

As the media finds out about this new love interest, Khan begins to feel uneasy about the whole thing and Diana begins to become over-obsessed with him and tries to contact him, visiting him, and even ringing his work to talk to him. As the story continues Khan admits that his family won’t approve of him marrying her and leaves Diana running home and finishing their relationship, which is the last time he sees her before her death. As the scene cuts to the ending of her continuing to try and contact Khan, she makes her final message to her butler Paul (Douglas HodgeRed Cap, Scenes Of A Sexual Nature) asking him if he has heard anything from Khan in which he replies no. Diana steps foot outside the lift before entering the car which she dies in. Khan gets the news of her death in the early morning and goes to visit her house where everyone places flowers for her outside Diana’s gate. He says a tearful goodbye and walks down the walkway from her Kensington home.

This film is a lot like Marmite, you’re either going to love it or hate it! With every biopic film I’ve watched, I’ve always said the same thing “Oh right that didn’t happen! They’re overreacting!” However, with this film I DO BELIEVE that everything you see in it really did happen in real life! Princess Diana was no angel, but she knew that, yet still helped and cared for people! Not once did I witness The Queen doing that! She was loved by billions and billions of people worldwide, but all she wanted was to be loved by the right man. The one man: Hasnet Khan himself.

This film portrays a sadder Diana who couldn’t cope with the fame and love but still managed to live on. The only people I feel sorry for is Prince William and Prince Harry. Although if I was in their position, then I wouldn’t want to watch this film about her last two years, the drama, the hurt and her desprate bid to lead a normal life. Her weakness was Khan and the fame of being the Princess of Wales, and the fact that she was never welcome into the Royal family properly. Diana didn’t play by The Queen’s rules and she didn’t like it! I found it disgusting that William and Harry needed to stay with The Queen and not their mother! Diana did what she wanted to do and she was loved for it which led to a lot jealously from “certain” people. This film has caused a lot of uproar with people saying “It’s disgusting”, but maybe Diana wanted everyone to see this. The truth about how she felt and how she was badly treated by the Royals. Maybe death was the only way out for this poor soul. And I strongly believe that this film could give people some answers. I honestly believe it wasn’t just a car crash! She was killed! And to this very day there are people out there with her blood on their hands!

Naomi Watts tries a bit too hard to play Princess Diana. It was like she knew that she could get an award for this film and could be the next big thing, which really angers me about these awful actors and actresses! (You could have easily put a blonde wig on Stevie Wonder and perhaps he could have done it better without trying so bloody hard!) One minute they star in a big movie about someone who was big and then BOOM! They’re all over the papers, the magazines, and everywhere else! There are certain idiotic actors and actresses who dream of starring in a controversial film which could get them publicity. But sadly, this is the world that we live in today!

All in all, this was a decent film. I hate the fact that I liked it, and I have a feeling everyone would feel the same. However the one thing that boiled my blood was Naomi Watts and her annoyingly unnecessary try-so-hard acting!

3 thoughts on “‘Diana’ Review

  1. A decent review
    However a very unprofessional comment at the end regarding the leading actress.She had big boots to fill.
    So extra hard work instede of under acting is always welcome.
    Can tell this reviewer is an amateur

    1. Hi. Thanks for your comment. I think what Nick was trying to convey which may not have come across well, is that to believe the actress as the role she plays it should feel a natural performance, which to him, when he viewed the film, felt as though she was trying too hard to portray the character without really embodying the character.

  2. A decent review
    However a very unprofessional comment at the end regarding the leading actress.
    She had big boots to fill.
    So extra hard work instede of inder acting is always welcome.
    Can tell this reviewer is an amat

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