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Sunday 11th C4 8pm

Esther themill 5 2

The powerful historical drama The Mill is also nearing the end of its run but has been very gripping nonetheless. Based on actual events, this gritty drama follows the workers and unpaid apprentices at Quarry Bank Mill in Cheshire, and the challenges they face through torturously long work days and the changes that come with the Industrial Revolution. Esther (played by Kerrie Hayes) and Lucy make a break for freedom from the Mill, in this week’s episode, with the plan of finding Esther’s birth certificate to prove she is actually 17 so that she can escape slavery. Unfortunately for the girls, the Greg family will certainly strive to ensure they do not get away unpunished for fleeing.

Sunday 11th BBC1 9pm

The White Queen

The penultimate episode of the brilliant medieval drama, The White Queen is perfect TV viewing for this Sunday evening. With Elizabeth convinced that Richard is to blame for the locking of her two sons in the tower, it is clear to the new King that someone is out to cause the two Princes harm. In a bid of desperation Elizabeth is forced to accept Margaret Beaufort’s help in order to rescue her sons but will she realise that Margaret Beaufort is far from trustworthy?

Tuesday 13th BBC1 9pm

New Tricks

Poor Brian! Of course I mean Brian from New Tricks. We’re only 3 episodes in of this new series and already his professional and personal life is in a bit of a mess… ‘a bit’ being a huge understatement! With Amanda Redman (DS Sandra Pullman) and Alun Armstrong (Brian Lane) both leaving the veteran show this series we definitely need to make the most of it; therefore New Tricks is our top TV pick for this Tuesday evening. In this episode, the team investigate a 16-year-old murder of a young mum by her criminal husband, but could this conviction have been a miscarriage of justice? Gerry, who was on the original case, is still completely convinced that the convicted man is still very much guilty and does not want this to be called into question.

Wednesday 14th BBC1 8pm

Celebrity Masterchef

Celebrity Masterchef continues this Wednesday, BBC One at 8pm, with the third round of heats and some familiar faces (well that’s because they’re all mostly well-known, but you know what I’m getting at!) In this episode we get to watch former Coronation Street actor Brian Capron, comedienne Shappi Khorsandi, Shane Lynch from Boyzone and TV presenter Miranda Krestovnikoff compete to move on to the next rounds. And unlike the regular Masterchef you shouldn’t need to worry too much about having the sudden urge to raid your fridge because there are certainly a few food disasters to watch out for. With challenges including recreating John Torode’s tomato tart with herb salad without the recipe and cooking for students at Goldsmiths College, what could possible go wrong? A lot apparently and in that case count us in!

Thursday 15th BBC1 8pm

Celebrity Masterchef

Keep up with Celebrity Masterchef this Thursday (8pm) and Friday (8.30pm) evenings to follow the four celebrity’s progress and see which one will be eliminated by John and Gregg at the end of the week. In Thursday’s episode the theme seems to be teamwork as the celebrities are paired off and sent to experience working in busy London restaurants, will they cope under the pressure of the kitchens? The contestants are then sent back to the Masterchef kitchen where they are required to create a main course and dessert from different ingredients, which is then followed by the opportunity to create their own dish in a bid to stay in the competition.

Friday 16th BBC1 9pm

Big School

There’s a new comedy series on the horizon! Big School is co-written by David Walliams who also stars in it alongside the brilliant Catherine Tate. Set in an urban secondary school, this comedy sitcom is about a group of very different and sometimes dysfunctional teachers. Walliams plays uptight Mr Church who becomes besotted with new French teacher Miss Postern (who has never actually been to France) played by Catherine Tate. Mr Church’s unrequited love for Miss Postern results in him putting his retirement plans on hold and he even resorts to asking a pupil for advice on how to succeed with women. With a great cast, which also includes Philip Glennister and Frances de la Tour, this series is sure to provide a lot of laughs and is well worth watching this Friday evening.

Saturday 17th BBC One at 6.35pm

That Puppet Gameshow

When it was announced that a new family entertainment programme called That Puppet Game Show was to be created for the BBC, it’s fair to say some people were a little dubious while others were extremely curious. With the idea that each week two famous faces will go head to head in different challenges with the hope of winning £10,000 for their chosen charity, there’s definitely enough intrigue to tune in. Not the mention the fact that the show will be hosted by puppets of course! This coming Saturday will be the second episode of the series and it will be main presenter Dougie Colon’s (pronounced Cologne) birthday, which will surely be celebrated while Freddie Flintoff and Gary Lineker battle it out to win that £10,000 for their chosen charity. For those wanting a night in this will certainly be that easy Saturday night viewing you might be craving.

And there you have Inside Media Track’s top TV picks for this week. Let us know if you agree or if you would have chosen differently in the comments below.