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The White Queen concludes Sunday 18 August at 9pm.

Queen of England Anne Neville’s health is fading fast, and when her sickly son Prince Edward dies and she hears of her husband’s love for Princess Elizabeth, she knows she is ready to die.

She clears her conscience first, that the murder of the Princes is not on her head, and even finds the strength to lay to rest her feud with Elizabeth. An eclipse occurs, seeming to signal the end of the York reign, and as the light returns, Anne dies.

Elizabeth and her girls are freed from sanctuary, and her beautiful firstborn daughter, Princess Elizabeth, goes to court, blossoms, and falls in love with her uncle, King Richard III. When Queen Anne dies, it seems there may be a chance for them to marry and thus for the Woodville dynasty to continue as Queens of England. But battle looms with Henry Tudor (Margaret Beaufort’s son) waiting to invade and claim the throne from Richard, who is seen by many as a usurper. Princess Elizabeth knows that she must marry the victor: either her beloved King Richard III or a man she hates.

Margaret is lonely under house-arrest but the deaths of Queen Anne and Anne’s son bring new hope for her own son, Henry Tudor, to take the throne.

The battle is fraught and uncertain, but in the end Tudor wins and King Richard III is killed. Finally Henry Tudor is King, and Margaret thanks God, but she has always known this day would come…

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