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“James Wan pulls it off as a wonderful piece of horror”


From the Director of The Saw series, Dead Silence and Insidious, James Wan, comes yet another spine chilling horror, The Conjuring, along with an epic cast including: Vera Farmiga (The Departed), Patrick Wilson (Insidious), Lili Taylor (Girls Town), Shanley Caswell (Bones), John Brotherton (Friends with Benefits), and Ron Livingston (The Time Traveller’s Wife).

Based on true events – which has only been made public by Lorraine Warren herself – the film follows the story of two most famous ghost and demon hunters, Ed (Wilson) and Lorraine Warren (Farmiga) and their desperate bid to save the Perron family – an innocent family who move into their new farmhouse in Harrisville, Rhode Island but begin experiencing paranormal activity from an evil spirit which is lurking in their new home.

Their five daughters start experiencing things first, such as being pulled out of the bed, smelling rotten meat, hearing and seeing things. As it carries on it gets worse. Carolyn Perron starts to hear noises of claps (which her kids play as hide and clap, however her kids aren’t there with her!), she then starts to get bruises all over her body; hearing noises in the basement and smelling rotten meat like her children.

While attending an opening event which is presented by Ed and Lorraine Warren, where they discuss the three things that could led to a haunting and an exorcism, Carolyn watches them from the stand and realises that she and her family are in real danger and begs the Warren’s to help them, which they agree to do. As they go and enter the house, Lorraine begins to pick up things straight away and realises that the family are in terrible danger! As the story continues, The Warren’s and the Perron’s discover the real horror that happened in the house previously and realise that this dark and terrifying creature won’t stop till it gets what it wants.

This film goes on my list of all time classic horror movies! Not only is this film based on a true story, it’s actually the development and mystery behind it which intrigues me. In real life, the Warrens kept this hidden away from the public until now. They have sold books worldwide on other work that they have done but kept this specific case closed, which I understand why now! Before Ed Warren died, he wanted to put this into a film and show people what really happened. But everyone kept on refusing him. Was it fear from others that cost him from sharing it with the public? What I also liked about the film is the fact that they featured the famous haunted doll “Annabelle” which is still locked up in the Warren’s museum till this very day.

Vera Farmiga was magnificent as the young Lorraine Warren. You can tell that she has done her research and even contacted Lorraine Warren herself for support and help. It doesn’t matter if you believe in this sort of thing or not, it will make you jump and it will make you very nervous to play the game “Hide and Clap”. In my eyes, it could make a lot of people think twice in their beliefs aswell. James Wan pulls it off as a wonderful piece of horror with the right cast and crew! The research and hard work that they have worked on for this film has truly paid off!