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‘Last Tango in Halifax’ episode 5 airs Tuesday 18 December at 9pm on BBC One, with episode 6 airing the following night.

Caroline’s depression lifts and she decides to seize the day, throwing herself whole-heartedly into her relationship with Kate. Alan and Celia spend lunchtime in the pub with Harry and Maurice, taking injured Paul with them because he’s going stir-crazy at Gillian’s. Alan test-drives a second-hand Landrover (Gillian’s birthday present) and ends up with more than he bargained for; unable to turn either of them down, he privately agrees with first Maurice, then with Harry, that they can both be his best man.

Later Alan explains his indirect involvement in Eddie’s death to Celia. Celia puts his mind at rest and tells him to let it go. They push the furniture back and jive like teenagers. Everybody’s amazed when it turns out that Caroline and Gillian weren’t only born on the same day, but are exactly the same age! Could Alan and Celia have been thinking of each other 46 years ago when Caroline and Gillian were conceived?

Caroline tells John (Tony Gardner) that the ‘someone’ she’s seeing is a woman. Devastated with the implications, he doesn’t know who to turn to and ends up over at the farm, hoping for Gillian’s sympathy. Here he gets drunk and nastily tells Celia that her daughter’s a lesbian. Celia’s appalled and insists on going home. Drunk, Gillian invites John to go to bed with her.

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