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12 dialogue teasers for episode 5!

With the wonderful news that the BBC has decided to commission a second series of this great comedy-drama. Here’s some teasers for the next episode which airs Tuesday, 18th December at 9pm.

» “What size knickers does your mum wear?”

» “I’m sitting on the floor in my own office.”

» “How old are you this time?”

» “Oh that smarmy beggar, well you can tell him to F-off from me!”

» “Is it alright if I put the kettle on Mr Buttershaw? Only I’m supposed to keep me fluids up and I think Gillian’s forgot.”

» “I covered it up!”

» “Not that I’m defending him, useless twat!”

» “Smashing photos. I’m texting em to Caroline.”

» “No, actually she’s rather ugly.”

» “As much as I’d like to, ask me when you’re much less likely to regret it morning after.”

» “Are you alright with this joker or do you want me to deposit him somewhere?”

» “It’s not a he. Suppose we might as well get that out-of-the-way.”