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‘Last Tango In Halifax’ episode 4 airs Tuesday, 11 December at 9pm on BBC One.

Gillian is beginning to panic as she hasn’t heard from her dad, and calls Raff at Robbie’s house to see if he’s had any news.

Raff’s still annoyed at his mum for moving Paul in, but is worried about Alan, so comes over to Far Slack with Robbie. Alan’s old mates Harry and Maurice show up too, eager to help with the search. Gillian rings Caroline to see if she’s heard from them and, starting to panic, Caroline heads for Halifax.

Still locked in Southowram Hall, Celia and Alan are spooked by strange noises. Celia’s convinced there’s a ghost while Alan’s privately concerned about chest pains. They play cards by candlelight, and eventually fall fast asleep in an antique four-poster bed. Meanwhile Robbie – eager to prove himself useful to Gillian – has joined the police search. At dawn, cold, worried and unable to sleep, Caroline and Gillian talk about their lives. They find comfort and courage in one another.

Alan and Celia wake up to the sound of voices. The curator and his assistant are devastated to realise the elderly couple have been shut in here all night. Gillian, Caroline and Raff are overwhelmed with relief when the phone call comes. Alan and Celia return to a warm welcome at the farm. Happy that her mum’s going to be well looked after by Gillian, Caroline heads off home, and she and Gillian part as friends. Relieved that her mother isn’t dead, Caroline feels the depression that has gripped her for months lift. When she arrives home, John is honest enough to tell her that he’s given Judith money for her rent. Rather than argue, Caroline repays the honesty and tells him that she’s been seeing somebody else.

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