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12 teaser lines of dialogue for episode 4.

‘Last Tango In Halifax’ episode 4 airs Tuesday, 11 December at 9pm on BBC One. Read the teasers below…

» I found him…that was pleasant.

» Can’t you just buy her some flowers or something?

» I think we should be very grateful to your mum, on the quiet, for doing what she did.

» Sorry, you don’t need to know that either.

» God, I didn’t mean for you to get panicky – I’m not blackmailing you!

» I don’t believe in ghosts!

» We can make an alright team, you, me and Raff!

» Ignore him he’s rural.

» Is that twat still lying on our settee

» We got shut in. We’re not burglars were pensioners.

» No Dad, that would be illegal!

» You don’t think someone torched it?