Dialogue teasers for the last ever Merlin episode

Merlin V

We’ve reached the finale of Merlin and its an emotional affair. What will be the fate of Merlin and his friends and enemies?

Read below for our twelve teasers for “The Diamond of the Day Part 2,” which airs Christmas Eve at 8.15pm on BBC One.

» “There’s something I want to say…”

» “The battle’s not over Mordred, we will have our revenge.”

» “Why don’t you use magic?”

» “Arthur, he is your friend!”

» “Do I know him? Please Gaius answer me honestly.”

» “That’s not why I do it!”

» “What a joy it is to see you Arthur.”

» “I blame myself for what you’ve become.”

» “No man, no matter how great can know his destiny!”

» “I do this because of who you are.”

» “Yes, I’m sure he will. I’m pleased”

» “Just hold me – Please.”