12 dialogue teaser for the penultimate epsiode of ‘Merlin


“And now the end is near and so we face the final curtain.”  Yes we’ve hit the penultimate episode of ‘Merlin’ – and brilliant it is too. Check out our twelve teasers below for the episode.

Merlin: The Diamond of The Day’ Part 1 airs, Saturday 22 December at 7.55-8.40pm on BBC One.

» “I can’t restore it, it’s beyond my power.”

» “You know to use the sharp end right?”

» “Then I shall wield it in victory and with honour.”

» “Tonight we end this war as old as the land itself…”

» “I’m afraid I wont be coming with you – not this time.”

» “Battlefield’s no place for a Queen.”

» “Whatever the outcome of this battle, my sister cannot and will not desecrate those values!”

» “You have defied me for the last time Emrys.”

» “I’m not sure he believes you Gaius.  I’m not sure I do!”

» “You know Merlin, all those jokes about you being a coward, I never really meant any of them…”

» “Why do you hide, you still afraid of me?”

» “It ends here Leon.  Be it life or death it ends here.”