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The Paradise’ episode 8 airs, Tuesday 13 November at 9pm on BBC One.

As the wedding approaches, a dangerous discovery in the dead of night sends shockwaves through The Paradise. Speculation and suspicion soon falls on one man, and causes someone else to admit to Moray that he witnessed a crucial incident.

With Edmund’s blessing, Denise returns to The Paradise – but her true feelings for Moray become clear for Katherine to see, provoking her to make threats to ensure her wedding goes ahead.

Excitement spreads when Moray announces a party for the staff to celebrate his marriage, forcing him to realise where his heart truly lies. The big day arrives, but can Moray find the courage when he needs it most, or will the threat of losing The Paradise stop him from following his heart?

Cast: Emun Elliott plays John Moray, Joanna Vanderham plays Denise Lovett, Elaine Cassidy plays Katherine Glendenning, Patrick Malahide plays Lord Glendenning, Peter Wight plays Edmund Lovett, David Hayman plays Jonas Franks, Sarah Lancashire plays Miss Audrey, Matthew McNulty plays Dudley, Ruby Bentall plays Pauline, Sonya Cassidy plays Clara, Stephen Wight plays Sam and Finn Burridge plays Arthur.

Written by Bill Gallagher.

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