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12 teasers lines of dialogue for ‘The Paradise‘ finale.
Will Moray choose love or money?


» “I know what I must do. If there is anything of her in his heart I will dig it out!”

» “Don’t you ever wish for some other life – I mean perhaps, time to go walking; visit some friends or go fishing?”

» “Sam is considering being a monk or propping up the bar for the rest of his life.”

» “Why did you choose a women so afraid of love?”

» “Pauline, sometimes I think you are better suited to a circus than a department store, have mercy on us and learn to walk.”

» “You are wriggling that is all, that is what men do.”

» “What would become of Arthur”

» “Hymns make me tense – do they make you tense?”

» “I will find a man to marry me, if I have to put a rope around his neck.”

» “It takes a devious women to betray a man to his very soul.”

» “You would not dare take me to Pontefract for my honeymoon.”

» “Go soon and go quietly.”