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Gran ends up in a tight spot and Jonny is in hot water with his girlfriend.

A surreal evening for the Goodman’s with broken locks, a ruined meal and an impromptu dance lesson to the news!

Some more bizarre antics from the Goodman’s this week making Jim look positively boring in comparison. The evening started innocently enough with the boys bringing Grandma round for Friday Night Dinner in the car. Grandma had been busy bulk buying yoghurts for some reason despite the fact that none of the family liked yoghurt. Jonny was desperately trying to ignore the vast amount of texts he was being bombarded with by mature ladyfriend Liz, much to Adam’s delight. Martin had taken up drying fish in the cupboard under the stairs and it seemed to be the usual blend of mayhem and madness from the zany family.

After possibly the oddest dance lesson ever, Grandma went to collect her yoghurts and accidentally became trapped in the boot of the car due to a dodgy lock on the boot of Adam’s car. It was Jim to the rescue as the family searched fruitlessly for their misplaced relative and they all set off in the car to a locksmith friend of Jim’s. However, Jim’s friend wasn’t as handy with locks as Jim was led to believe and a problem with parking meant a further trip for a shaken Grandma. Thankfully Grandma was retrieved but at the expense of the family’s dinner leading to Martin suggesting his dried fish.

Meanwhile, Liz seemed to be getting more and more frantic, asking to come around to Jonny’s parent’s house and cutting her hair desperately short. In a last-ditch attempt to get Jonny to notice her, Liz arrived on the Goodman’s doorstep and Jonny was forced to try and get out of the relationship without actually talking to Liz. Adam was positively glowing with his brother’s discomfort and was only  serving to make it worse as usual while Grandma’s confusion grew ever more…well…confusing as she asked for duty-free and kept calling Liz a boy.

As always, Friday Night Dinner is a perfect night gone horribly wrong, over and over and over leading to the levels of comedy and often cringe inducing situations to a fantastic climax. Ordinarily someone getting shut in a boot would be dreadful but there is something so light-hearted about this ridiculous sitcom that made it incredibly amusing. Surely though the Goodman’s should have known not to expect Jim to have the perfect solution considering his track record. Will Jim ever get a place around the family table and more importantly, will Wilson let him sit in the seat?

This series has been such fun so far and as the second series draws to a close next week, what further mayhem is in store for the Goodman family?