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With series two of ‘The Paradise’ announced, how will episode 7 set us up for the finale?


Here’s 12 teasers lines of dialogue for the penultimate episode of ‘The Paradise‘ series one, which airs Tuesday 6th November at 9pm on BBC One.

Always so easily shocked Dudley

It is but a ruse Miss Audrey – a game.

Oh how we must suffer for the lack of perfection.

Do not swarm and claw so.

Yes well, perhaps if you had listened as intently in bible class…

I trust you’ll perform that role more successfully than I!

She sees me as distateful – a monster

I’m sorry Denise but I tried to warn you, we’re cut from a different cloth.

Oh Sam what grisly meat, I should think cook gave you that on account of your lovely teeth.

What man would voluntarilly work with him?

Don’t not presume to know me or anyone else, even those closest to you.

I’m sensitive, thats one of the reasons I’m stuck on buttons.