12 teaser lines of dialogue for ‘Merlin: The Hollow Queen’

‘Merlin: The Hollow Queen‘ airs, Saturday 24 November at 8.00-8.45pm on BBC One.

» “I don’t think I’ve done many good things in my life.”

» “Oh Merlin…before you go I’d love a hot bath.”

» “I tell you, if I catch this fly im going to eat it!”

» “Because Merlin has meddled in my plans once too often.”

» “I found her weakness; everyone has one even a High Priestess. “

» ” Yes two of them, they’re called eyes.”

» “He will think he can control you, but he will reckon without me!”

» “I am; I’m hopelessly in love!”

» “When it comes to. sorcery we must be merciless – I was not merciless enough.”

» “I was a servant remember.”

» “All that stands in our way is a serving girl who plays at being Queen.”

» “I don’t NEED one!”