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Two episodes in – is anybody still interested?

With the first episode attracting mixed reviews with viewers and critics alike this episode had a lot to prove; and prove it did but for all the wrong reasons.

Hunted suffers from two main problems: Firstly none of the characters are likeable or even mildly interesting enough for me to care what happens to them. In Sam we have a lead character that doesn’t engage, instead of rooting for her I find myself nonchalant to her plight. During the ‘tense’ moments of her stealing the lift card I wasn’t bothered if she got caught – if anything it might have made it a bit more interesting. The whole team are miserable (proof money doesn’t buy you happiness if this lot are to go by) thrown together with people they don’t particularly like which I doubt in private security or the security services would make for many successful operations.

The episode wasn’t bad if anything it was a big improvement on the first however it doesn’t detract from the second problem being the gratuitous scenes of violence (and the naked women, what was her point in being there to the story?) which are used to create a sense action and danger to compensate for a poor script. Ask yourself: if there were no violence or fight scenes would you still be intrigued?

The episode focussed on the Turner’s kidnapping of Hassan, who they tied up in the basement while Turner’s henchmen beat him with a chain. Byzantium boss… what was his name again? decides that keeping Sam and the operation active is more important, so he orders Sam to dispose of Hassan before he blabs anything that might give them away. Hassan however warns Sam if she kills him she’ll never find out who tried to kill her before he goes on to divulge about a man with a scar. (By the way: surely a man who goes to great lengths to sweep for bugs as they said in episode one, would have cameras in the corridors at least: enough to see Sam flitting about).

After hearing of an old army friends death Sam goes to investigate and ends up having a violent tussle with scar-man. Ironically the fight sequences although violent are probably the main plus of this series as they are the only scenes packed with some substance.

The episode may be an improvement but its losing my interest fast. Only six more to go – Not looking good is it?