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Emmerdale Producer announced.

ITV has announced the former Producer of Radio 4’s The Archers, Kate Oates, has been appointed the new Producer of Emmerdale.

Kate spent two successful years previously at Emmerdale as Story Editor from 2010 until earlier this year when she moved to Coronation Street taking on the role of Assistant Producer.

“I always thought I’d love to go back to Emmerdale, but I never expected it to happen so quickly,” said Kate.

“I’m delighted to be Emmerdale’s new Producer as I’m passionate about the programme and everyone who works on the show.

“The last block of storylines I worked on before my recent move was the 40th birthday week so I’m very excited to see the stories play out this week and I’ll be glued to the live episode (Wednesday 17 October, ITV1 at 7pm).”

Kate spent seven years on the Archers (2003-2010) moving onto to Emmerdale from 2010 to 2012, as the editor of stories including, the award-winning story of Aaron assisting Jackson’s suicide; the portrayal of Lisa Dingle’s rape at the hands of a co-worker; Zak’s mental disintegration and eventual attack on his son Cain and Ashley’s abuse of his father Sandy and the consequences for Ashley and Laurel’s family.

“I feel very lucky to be returning to such a wonderfully successful show, “ said Kate. “I’m in awe of the cast, crew and writing team and it’s a privilege to be renewing my working relationship with everyone.”

“I’ve been fortunate since leaving university to work with some inspiring people – Vanessa Whitburn, Editor of The Archers and the inimitable Germaine Greer, and later my friends and colleagues on Emmerdale and Coronation Street.  They are people who have given me opportunities and looked after me throughout my career and I will never forget their kindness and enthusiasm.”

Born and raised in Nottingham, Kate is a graduate in English and Theatre from Warwick University.

“Kate swept into Emmerdale a couple of years ago with a deadly combination of determination and brio. She soon proved her worth to the show working on stories that ranged from the extremely tough (Jackson’s assisted suicide) to the light and funny,” said John.
0“It is great that she is ping ponging back over the Pennines from her recent stint on Coronation Street to a show on which, by both inspiration and sheer hard work, she has won herself many admirers. I can’t think of many people more in tune with the vibrant spirit of modern Emmerdale than Kate. And I can think of even fewer able to keep it that way as it heads into its 40s,” he added.

Kate will take up her role as Emmerdale’s new Producer in January 2013.