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The Paradise’ episode 7 airs Tuesday 6 November at 9pm on BBC One.

No longer employed at The Paradise, Denise’s ingenious ideas are the Tollgate Street Traders’ gain as she attempts to increase their profits and compete against the powerful Paradise.

With the shopkeepers bickering between themselves, it seems an impossible task. Later, when she resorts to subterfuge in order to stay one step ahead, Moray is amused and impressed by her cunning, and congratulates her – igniting his feelings even further. But can the traders stop their petty arguments long enough to ensure the success of the scheme?

Katherine sets out to make her presence felt in the Paradise as the soon-to-be Mrs Moray, suffocating Moray and whipping the loyal Jonas into action to defend his position. With Moray’s feelings towards Denise growing, Katherine must act fast in order to secure her man.

With a little misguided encouragement from Katherine, Pauline attempts to seduce a befuddled Sam, and a warning from Lord Glendenning has Moray contemplating his future.

Cast: Emun Elliott plays John Moray, Joanna Vanderham plays Denise Lovett, Elaine Cassidy plays Katherine Glendenning, Patrick Malahide plays Lord Glendenning, Peter Wight plays Edmund Lovett, David Hayman plays Jonas Franks, Sarah Lancashire plays Miss Audrey, Matthew McNulty plays Dudley, Ruby Bentall plays Pauline, Sonya Cassidy plays Clara, Stephen Wight plays Sam, Finn Burridge plays Arthur and guest starring David Bamber as Charles Chisholm.

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