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Ten teaser lines of dialogue for BBC One’s ‘The Paradise.’

Here are some teasers for the fourth episode of the BBC One drama, ‘The Paradise’ which airs Tuesday 16th October at 9pm.

» Audrey, would you be so kind as to dance with me?

» You’ve a gift Moray for avoiding a question…if it is a gift – Let’s be generous and call it an attribute.

» The place feels like an abandoned ship.

» If Sam’s handsome then I’m sponge cake.

» If you are here to implore me, then I must advise you that it is too late.

» Don’t fool yourself you cannot have him, you’re a shop girl…

» It’s like a curse on us – you loving Moray.

» There’s not much call for Parisian underwear in Peebles – it’s far too cold.

» I’ve been a fool, I’ve been blind and deaf; no more use than a dog with no nose.

» Miss Audrey are you unwell? You look conflicted…you cant be expected to work in this condition.



2 thoughts on “10 teasers for ‘The Paradise’ episode 4

  1. Neither a picture gallery, nor teasers up for episode 5 yet? …I’m a bit saddened.

    1. Apologies*,* family illness has prevented me having the time. I shall endeavour to get them up today.

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