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Sad to see the back of Jack.

Georgina has a date, well several actually and Jack has a wedding to attend.

I’m immensely sad that this was the last in the series as over the weeks I have grown to really like and care about these characters. Jack with his layabout ways, feckless attitude and desperation to attract a woman and Georgina with her efficiency, qualifications as Jack wrangler, gorgeous hair and warmth – the pair are a fabulous combination. They may not be the best cops on the force but they do get their man or woman in the end. Frankly you could take the police badge out of it and make them private detectives for all the time they actually ever spend in the police station!

This week, our daring duo were tasked with solving an armed robbery at a plush family owned jewellers. A dazzling diamond had been stolen from the safe but nothing else. Jack questioned Georgina’s attitudes to jewellery with her apparent dislike of diamonds and she revealed some surprising details. Despite the seriousness of the crime, Georgina was somewhat distracted by her search for a date online, having signed up to a dating site she was scared to check her mail at first in case no one had emailed her but unsurprisingly she had received more requests for dates than she could handle leading to an administrative nightmare of charts and graphs. The pair looked into the details of the crime, the daughter Joanna who ran the jewellers seemed innocent enough and the son, Josh, was too stoned to do anything other than stare at his TV screen as he played console games, but the twitchy nature of the father Ron (Phil Davis) and his wife Pat (Frances Barber) individually had alarm bells ringing. While their investigations led to an odd diamond broker with some curious opinions and an uncover cop in a well-known gang of thieves, the eventual culprit was uncovered. This left Georgina time to pursue her dates and Jack was attempting to deal with his bad feelings towards brother Mark who, after asking Jack to be his best man, had a few revelations of his own.

Although there wasn’t an enormous amount of humour in this episode, it seemed to exist purely to cement the warmth of the¬†relationship between the two main characters and at one point they laughed heartily together, all frostiness¬†between them thoroughly thawed. Despite Jack’s many flaws and Georgina’s often obvious lack of self-esteem (although I have no idea why as she is intelligent and beautiful) the bickering partners do seem to share a tangible rapport that makes it seem like it must be great fun to film the show.

As always, the music throughout the episode was excellent, beginning with the brilliant ‘A Night Like This’ by Caro Emerald and continuing with great tracks throughout. There was a great scene where Jack, Georgina and their Police backup were performing a raid on a building and they got to run around in slow motion with bulletproof vests on which must have also been great fun to film.

I shall miss that gorgeous lop sided grin of Jack Armstrong and the tenacity of Georgina Dixon and sincerely hope that they return to our screens soon. Until then I may just have to be content with watching the whole series over again. Come back soon Jack!