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Alfie doesn’t know his Arsenal from his offside rule!

Football is meant to be the beautiful name but there is nothing beautiful in this match!

This show really doesn’t seem to stop being funny, each week Jack Whitehall and his class serve up completely consistent comedy and while it may not be the most intellectual or politically correct show on television, it is incredibly amusing.

Alfie has been put in charge of the school football team, not exactly one of Fraser’s better ideas considering Alfie knows nothing about football, and manages to alienate both the primary and secondary teams meaning his class have to step in to save him. With a big game against Middleton coming up, Alfie’s old school, Alfie appears to be traumatised by something that happened at school when he was fifteen and Rosie is sympathetic but appears to have the wrong end of the stick. The students at Middleton seem to have adopted the name ‘Wickers’ to mean failure despite Alfie’s claims that he was very popular and his old headmaster Mr Humpage returns to terrorise him. As Alfie assembles his team, little does he realise that he needs eleven players to complete the team and ends up being one of the most ineffectual goalkeepers you may have ever seen. Not even realising that there was a second half despite the clue being in the name Alfie gives a rousing speech mainly consisting of Cheryl Cole lyrics and ending with a flourish by yelling “This. is. Sparta!!!!!.” The eventual decision to include Stephen in the team after Rem Dog got a puncture in his wheelchair meant a near victory for the team. Stephen wowed everyone on the field and his goal celebration of a series of back flips was pretty impressive too. Fearing his team was about to lose, Mr Humpage took to the field to best Alfie but this resulted in a heart attack for the terrifying teacher. Rosie found out that Alfie’s shame stemmed from something surprising and a shock talent was revealed. In other news, Pickwell was desperate to get a job at Middleton, attempting to flatter Mr Humpage, her make up and attire merely made him think she was a pre op transsexual. Fraser wanted the Middleton students to be afraid of the rough attitude of his school and set out on a series of madcap schemes as usual.

Alfie’s speech was actually laugh out loud hilarious and although a few situations in the episode were a little unsavoury, the eventual conclusion was actually very entertaining and a satisfying end to the episode. Fraser was delightfully out of touch at first but I think that perhaps Mathew Horne is over-playing it a little in these last few episodes, he’s still very good but he perhaps needs to tone it down to prevent becoming overpoweringly annoying. The students in Alfie’s class are just sublime, such a great cast and as always Jack Whitehall excels at being the class clown – shame he is meant to be the teacher eh? Michelle Gomez is also amazing as the positively bonkers Pickwell, it was great to see her get some decent screen-time this week. All in all, ‘Bad Education‘ is a great piece of knock-about fun with a mixture of puerile humour and clever dialogue. School has never been so much fun.