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Ten lines of dialogue from the first of an eight part series, ‘The Paradise.’

This Tuesday 25 September at 9pm, sees the first episode of Bill Gallagher’s BBC One drama, ‘The Paradise,’ starring Emun ElliottJoanna VanderhamSarah Lancashire, Elaine Cassidy and Matthew McNulty.

Here’s ten teasers to whet your appetite…

» All I have done is tried to save you from yourself.

» If there is a more attractive man within a hundred miles I will kiss my husband.

» The point is Sir he seems to doubt you.

» When Miss Audrey looks down her nose at you, remember she shaves her top lip.

» Pauline why are you never where you’re supposed to be?  It is a sin to abandon your department, be quickly girl haberdashery, haberdashery.

» You’re new, you were bound to ask.

» A saint as well as a martyr.

» Why Miss Glendenning ma’am how pleasing to see you here. Not that you shouldnt be here…I only meant I hope we could please you – find you something pleasing.

» Clara you wouldn’t do such a thing.

» Quickly girl quickly. We dally at our peril!