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Troublesome missing person’s case for Vexed – the trouble being Jack

Jack and Georgina are on a missing person’s case but Jack is more concerned with working on his physique and Georgina’s date is rudely interrupted, literally.

While still very enjoyable, this episode was perhaps not as entertaining as others in the past but I can forgive the odd weak episode now and again due to the usually high quality comedy of the show. This week saw Jack and Georgina demoted to the Missing Person’s department due to a childish prank pulled by Jack. Fed up of never going into the police station, Georgina forced Jack into submission leading to him defacing a poster and them both suffering for his actions. Toby Stephens really does shine in this role and his comedy timing is so good that I am often left thoroughly impressed with this show.

Investigating the whereabouts of Ted, a solicitor who frequented a gym, Jack managed to ogle Lucy, the wife of the missing man, as well as coming to the swift conclusion that Ted was gay but Georgina warned him not to be too hasty in his assumptions. Jack also managed to put his foot in his mouth several times by referring to Ted in the past tense and mentioning several times that he usually works homicide, particularly bad timing when you mention this when arriving to get details of the missing man. Unfortunately the missing person’s case did become more complicated as a body was found in the river that turned out to be Ted, and Jack also managed to horribly embarrass himself at that location too, much to Georgina’s despair. Finding family friend Charlie in Lucy’s bathroom led to Jack’s laddish view of massage and also the revelation that Lucy was cheating on Ted with a partner in his firm. The bet that Georgina and Jack had before entering Charlie’s office was quickly realised, even with the loser paying up in front of Charlie and this is where some more of that great comedy timing came in.

Jack’s views on many subjects should perhaps lead to a tie in book as he always makes comments with little backing and then immediately seems to change his mind the moment he is presented with the subject. This week he was making nonchalant comments about gyms being for ‘narcissistic self abusers’ before getting sucked into the activities straight away when under cover. Finding that Tony frequented the same gym and had rock hard pecs (a fact that Jack checked out in the gym, much to the amusement of a passing lady) Jack decided to try and get in shape to get a date as another evening on the couch watching nature programmes, eating chocolates and feeling tearful was just a bit too much for him. Georgina was working hard trying to get details on Ted’s friends but even she managed to get sidetracked and ended up on a date that was subsequently spoiled by Jack urinating outside her house then falling into her garden. Just as they were starting to give up hope, some surprising discoveries about the manager of the gym led to the case becoming a lot clearer. Meanwhile, Georgina’s dad, a former policeman, was back on the scene with a few secrets of his own.

As I mentioned before, this episode perhaps wasn’t the best I have seen in this series but it was still a satisfying morsel of entertainment on a Wednesday night. I had only one irk with the show and that they mentioned a particular medication that has some very serious reactions with certain foods and drinks and alcohol is one of them, the dead man had both the medication and alcohol in his bloodstream and that would not have ended well. Admittedly this information is neither here nor there to the viewer, after all this is not Holby City, but it still bothered me that they didn’t mention the interaction considering it can be so severe. Perhaps I am just picky about these things. Regardless of this little annoyance, the episode was still enjoyable and it looks like they will definitely be returning to form with the preview of the next episode so looking forward to that. Worth watching but hoping that next week shows an improvement.