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“A tense gripping series that will leave you wanting more!”

If you’ve already seen the first series of The Walking Dead – which is adapted from the Robert Kirkman graphic novels, you’re probably already eagerly awaiting the four disk DVD release of the second. If you haven’t, although you’re missing quite some back story I think its inevitable you’ll be just as hooked.

Faced with a zombie apocalyptic world and walkers (zombies) at every turn, a group of survivors headed up by Sheriff Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) attempts to find a safe haven is thwarted due to a vehicle pile up and the disappearance of 12-year-old Sophia – the daughter of Carol. It leads to a catalyst of events that leads them to a remote farm and its family residents, which on the surface looks an untouched idyllic sanctuary for the weary group, but in fact is not all it seems. The group is soon at odds with each other and their interpretation and meaning of humanity and survival – how far do you go to stay alive and protect the group? And what does that then mean for your humanity?

The second season doesn’t disappoint, providing all the suspense and action of the first although to a slightly lesser degree as character arcs take more precedent, but when it does you will be immersed on tenderhooks.

What makes this series so tight is the writing and characterisation leaves you in no doubt what side of the fence each of the group is on, which makes for compelling viewing. Shane and Rick portray the opposing sides of the moral line – but not necessarily the survival line. Shane will do anything to protect the group no matter how reprehensible, whereas Rick tries to be the staunch moral code but that doesn’t always end up keeping the group together or safe, with the rest of the group having to re-evaluate which side of the line they stand.

The relationships between all the characters have adapted, some have gotten closer, others colder. Carl being a perfect example of a child caught up in this world who is having to learn to grow up quick. Dale and Hershel – the believers in faith and human spirit each in their own way have that destroyed. Daryl who for me is one of the most interesting characters forms a bond with Carol over the disappearance of Sophia. Glen finds love with Hershel’s daughter Maggie, which in turn adds an extra burden of someone being reliant on him. Lori, for my money is the weakest link as she flits between Rick and Shane but doesn’t really have much purpose other than to create conflict between the pair.

There’s plenty of graphic blood and gore, amongst moments of “No don’t do that” and “Don’t trust them.” It really is that addictive. But lets be clear, this is no zombie movie where it’s all action and horror, this is a truly well crafted series – and that’s from someone who wouldnt normally watch horror zombie TV or movies.

If you’re looking for more horror and gore the extra’s provide plenty of that as listed below, however Andrew Lincoln is lacking in the extra’s, which certainly for UK viewers will be quite disappointing, but it’s a minor drawback of a well-rounded series full of suspense, action and moral dilemma; essentially a great character drama with a few zombies thrown in. The last couple of minutes give us a brief glimpse of what to come. One not to miss.

Special Features:

  • Featurettes: All The Guts Inside  ●  Live or Let Die  ● The Meat of the Music  ●  Fire on Set   ●  The Ink is Alive ● The Sound of the Effects  ●  In the Dead Water  ●   You Could Make a Killing  ●  She Will Fight  ● The Cast on Season 2  ●   Extras Wardrobe
  • Deleted Scenes:”What Lies Ahead”  ●  “Save The Last One”  ●  “Secrets”  ● “Pretty Much Dead Already”  ●  “Nebraska” ●  “Judge, Jury, Executioner”  ● “Better Angels”  ●  “Beside The Dying Fire” (with optional audio commentary with executive producer Glen Mazzara)
  • UK Exclusive Feature: Character Profiles


The Walking Dead Complete Second Season is available to buy on Blu-ray and DVD from 27th  August 2012.