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After a mediocre start in the first two episodes, a change of fortune seems has befallen ‘Parents‘; for the third episode is a triumph in performance.

Jenny’s feeling depressed due to her unsuccessful attempts to find a job. So Alma decides what better way to cheer her daughter up than to arrange a surprise visit from one her old London friends with husband and vagrant loving kleptomaniac daughter in tow.

Seen as Jenny’s took to lounging around in her scruffy clothes and watching daytime TV with her mum, she doesn’t exactly welcome the impromptu visit from her superficial high-flying city friend, who thinks Kettering is in Yorkshire and Len is a relic to behold in the museum of country bumpkins.

Sally Philips portrays Jenny’s kiss-ass persona with a little over enthusiasm but gave us the most poignant hearty moment (and in quite a quick shift of emotion I might add) of the episode when she turns to see how hurt her dad is when in an effort to impress Isabelle she makes fun of her parents home; then to confess to her father her fondness of their home and the ornamental memory of her childhood. You know when Adele starts playing we must be hitting deep (or should that be rolling in the deep?).

The big improvement has come from the cast interaction. Jenny and Alma’s tactile mother daughter relationship has provided more realism and heart, rather than just quick gags and comedy mishaps. And similarly we’ve had a very subtle shift in the relationship between Nick and Len who finally agree over a shepherd pie no less. Well its a start!

Daughter Becky is all to quick to tell her mum to pull her socks up and schmooze to get them their old life back. Her tenacity makes her one to watch with her head firmly screwed on her shoulders, she perhaps should be the one looking for the high-powered role.

A much improved episode. Keep this up and my initial misgivings will make way for a very positive run.