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When you think the trick’s happening, it has already been done? …Or has it?

The award-winning Dynamo: Magician Impossible returned for a 4 part second series to Watch on the 5th of July.

The boundaries of street magic and illusion are well and truly pushed with this elusive hooded figure with cool crystal blue eyes. His presence is quiet but magnetic and he wows the public as well as celebrities, even his own family, (though he still is yet to impress his grandmother, he does try very hard.)

This second series boasts that it is bigger and better and so far it isn’t disappointing, using heat and coins is just one example of the magic he is performing. Last series saw Dynamo levitate Matrix-style and make diamonds from snow in the Austrian mountains, but his most famous illusion was walking on the Thames in London. This illusion has perplexed many people the same way Derren Brown’s Lottery Prediction and other events did.

Bradford born Dynamo (Steven Frayne) learnt his craft from his beloved late grandfather and his slick brand of 21st century magic mise-en-scène has catapulted Dynamo and his magic brand to rock star status and beyond; making him a god-like figure in the eyes of entertainment.

With a speciality for sleight of hand illusions, the recipe for his magical escapades combines usual mystical elements; Derren Brown lists these elements very regularly so I won’t try and repeat them here. Some have commented that Dynamo is an updated David Copperfield and David Blaine but Dynamo is nowhere close to those two magicians, he is very much his own creation and seems much more approachable and down to earth that his American counterparts.

It is freshening to see magic progressing forward in new ways, he must have practised and practised his craft meticulously and he is truly gifted with the art of the unexpected. He can only go from strength to strength. And good on him, he deserves every success and accolade.

So Shazzam! Magic is now appealing to the younger adult generation, they can identify with Dynamo’s demeanour and hip hop style. Can’t be a bad thing. Just to see the awe and genuine surprise on the faces of the unsuspecting people involved in his illusions is worth watching the show for.

Pure Magic!

Dynamo: Magician Impossible carries on at 9.00pm on Thursday 12th July on Watch (Sky Channel 109, Virgin Media 124)