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All of Mia’s efforts to keep her identity and family a secret comes tumbling down as her past and present collide.

A trip to the local fairground brings Mia face to face with her past; we see the majestic lights of the fair and smiles juxtaposed with Mia’s nauseating distorted fear. There’s the sense of a vicious underbelly that lurks as our normally focused assassin watches with trepidation an exchange between Ryan and a man at the funfair – who turns out to be her brother.

While the kids are enjoying the fun of the fair, in contrast her mother sits in the caravan miserable at first, oblivious to the return of her son and sits back idly while Mia’s is faced with her brothers attack – who viciously uses a knife to hack off her hair, forcing her to say “She is a real boy” as the former scenes finally have some sort of payoff as we now have the motive behind them.

What happens to Mia sets of a chain of events, as she goes missing at a vital time when a double assassination needs to be completed; Riley is struggling to cope with the guilt of killing John. Meanwhile Eddie is getting increasingly annoyed; eventually lashing out at Levi who finally realises Eddie’s not the nicest man after-all!

This episode is full of parallel’s, with Riley using self harm to cope and feel pain while, Mia and Ryan both try to escape their behaviour mirrored in dance and drink, with Ryan also proving that he has become much like his father in that a sharp shooter and fearless.

The one thing Hit and Miss has continually pulled off is the brutality and the subtle at the same time. The relationship between father and son really give this series a heart. Ryan searching for Mia before saying “Dad” for the first time. And the proud look on Mia’s face when she introduces her son to her mother.

In some ways the ending has been set up to cover both eventuality of recommission and finality. Nobody dies, we’re left with the Tarantino style gun pointing face off between Mia, Eddie and Ryan. Riley is neatly off the hook for John’s murder with Liam admitting to the crime to save her, and Ben admits he loves Mia despite her circumstances.

It was all a little too neatly tied up,but there’s also plenty of room to manoeuvre if it should return for a second series. Which I definitely think it deserving of one. Will Chloe Sevigny return for a second though?


Points to suspend your disbelief:

• Even if Liam did hand himself in; Surely his lack of knowledge about the act of the murder and what happened to the body, would be quite obvious, let alone what’s his motive? Would he really kill the lover of his pregnant niece who he’s barely known for a few weeks?

• John’s wife failed to tell Riley that her husband had been cut up. Seems a fairly vital bit of information that I don’t think you’d forget when something so rare and brutal has happened. If Riley had known she would see Mia completely differently?

• Why send Eddie to kill Mia? In fact why was Eddie allowed to live? (Plus is a baseball bat really much protection, when you send people with guns after them?) Eddie had ordered the assassination. I can’t see the Mr gangster giving him the benefit of the doubt by just roughing him up a bit.

• Which brings us to the finale. Why didnt the gangster just come with Eddie and take him and Mia out in one go?

Let us know your thoughts on the finale? Would you like to see a second series?

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  1. Yes, DEFINITELY a second series, if only to see more of Jonas Armstrong!

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