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Kevin Whately and Laurence Fox reprise their roles as Inspector Robbie Lewis and his partner DS James Hathaway investigating very modern murders amidst the exquisite architecture of the ancient University of Oxford in the sixth series of one of ITV1 drama, Lewis.

In the trailer for the new series we see Kevin Whately as Lewis walking us through his day – I’m not sure why but the trailer reminded me of a health insurance ad!

Watch for yourself and tell us what you think?

Lewis returns with episode one starting Wednesday 16th May.

Press information for the episode is below the video.


When botanist LIV NASH (Nadine Lewington) accidentally digs up the body of recently buried English Professor, MURRAY HAWES, Lewis and Hathaway are set upon a seemingly impossible quest. Murray was a man possessed – fixated upon “solving” the riddle of Lewis Carroll’s “The Hunting of the Snark”. But could his obsession have been dangerous enough to get him killed?

Lewis and Hathaway discover that Murray had a longstanding rivalry with his brother, the REVEREND DR CONOR HAWES (Alex Jennings) – a lecturer in Theology and Moral Philosophy – a rivalry built upon Conor’s jealousy of his brother’s genius, which has driven him to attempt to thwart Murray at every turn. However, our cops also have to deal with interference from MICHELLE MARBER (Celia Imrie) – a Miss Marple-style amateur detective, who seems convinced that the killer is local medical researcher and “gentleman scientist”, Dr ALEX FALCONER (James Fleet). They also come up against the postmodern mind-games of students VINCENT (Oliver Johnstone) and MIA (Daisy May), who seem intent on messing with the investigation in their quest to gain admittance into the exclusive, and mysterious, Wednesday Club. Meanwhile, Hathaway gets a little light relief in the form of a flirtation with the lovely botanist Liv Nash – until she herself worries if perhaps she knows too much…

Could her boss at the Botanic Gardens, PROFESSOR HELENA WRIGHT (Matilda Ziegler), be involved in Murray’s death..? Helena is clearly unstable, and when Liv finds a notebook of Murray’s tucked away in the Gardens, she is left in a quandary as to whether to share her discovery with Hathaway – and potentially land her fragile boss in it…