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Anne Hathaway ‘Dreamed A Dream’

Universal Pictures has released a new trailer for Tom Hooper’s film adaption of the long running musical Les Misérables.

Based on Victor Hugo’s 19th-century French novel  of social injustice, the film stars Hugh Jackman as parole-breaking Jean Valjean, pursued by formidable Inspector Javert, played by Russel Crowe.

Anne Hathaway plays Fantine, who is reduced to selling her hair and working as a prostitute to provide for her daughter, Cosette. Hathaway also has the mighty task of singing the now famous song (thanks to Susan Boyle) I Dreamed a Dream; which she sings in the trailer shows amongst the backdrop of the film’s premise.

Amanda Seyfried plays the adult Cosette, while Eddie Redmayne plays her fiancée student revolutionary Marius, while unknown, 21-year-old Samantha Barks plays Eponine, who pines for student Marius.

The cast also stars Sacha Baron Cohen as Thénardier and Helena Bonham Carter as Madame Thénardier.

Les Misérables cinema release date is set for a December 14 in the US and January 11 in the UK.

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