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Channel 4 drama Homeland will be returning for a second outing!

If you recovered quick enough from the end of Homeland on Sunday night you would have learnt that channel 4 has already brought the rights to a second season of Homeland, starring Claire Danes and Damien Lewis.

A consolidated weekly figure of over 4 million watched the show (including figures from the Monday repeat), helping to secure the highest ratings of the series, which will remain on channel 4 (as opposed to being brought by Sky channels as often happens after a first season.)

Currently the UK airdate of season two is still to be confirmed, however it will be some time after the US airdate which has been announced by cable channel Showtime to premiere on 30 September 2012.

The show focused on Carrie (Danes) a Homeland security officer trying to prove that ex Marine Brody (Lewis) had been “turned” during his time as a prisoner of war in Afghanistan; and not returned a hero, as her superiors believe. At the same time Carrie is battling her own inner demons trying to cope with her bipolar condition.

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