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Lacey Turner, Jack Roth, Gemma Chan and newcomer Nikesh Patel star in Bedlam series 2 


After the first series finished with a cliff hanger, leaving viewers unsure of who would make it out alive, Sky Living HD has announced the details for its second series of haunting drama Bedlam which returns for 6×60 minute episodes, promising to be “even darker and scarier than before.”

Written and created by Neil Jones, David Allison and Chris Parker the series is set in Bedlam Heights, a converted pre-Victorian lunatic asylum.

The series will return to Sky Living HD on June 6th at 10pm, boasting sharp scripts and dramatic special effects, and an all new leading cast line-up, including award-winning actress Lacey Turner (Eastenders, Being Human), who will play Ellie, a newcomer who gets caught up in the danger and mystery surrounding the old mental asylum.  Starring alongside Lacey is Gemma Chan (Secret Diary of a Call Girl), as well as newcomers Jack Roth (The Café) and Nikesh Patel.

Hugo Speer (Full Monty) will return as Warren Bettany, Kate’s father and current owner of Bedlam Heights.

The new series opens with Ellie (Lacey Turner), a paramedic, who like Jed has struggled to accept her special “ability” to see ghosts.  She is a determined girl who’s fought hard for a normal life – but instead is flung into an extraordinary world.   After hearing rumours about Jed from his time spent on the psychiatric ward, she decides to try and track him down, looking for answers.  His last known address leads her to Bedlam Heights, where she starts to meet some of the buildings inhabitants – both dead and alive.

Lacey Turner, said: “I am really excited about taking part in the second series of Bedlam! It’s a great story with brilliant writing and a fantastic cast! Ellie is a really interesting and conflicted character I’m looking forward to playing her and seeing where the story takes her.”
Jack Roth, said: “I thought the first series was very interesting, opening many exciting doors to explore in a far darker way and I can’t wait to get started on the second one.  Horror is a genre which can be capitalized upon brilliantly for television as there is time to fully develop ideas and my character.  Max has a great backstory with countless intriguing and mysterious directions to be taken along with Ellie”.
Gemma Chan commented: “I think the scripts have a great mix of drama, suspense and supernatural chills that people will really enjoy. Keira’s a complex soul and a bit of a loose cannon; definitely fun to play! It’s going to be a fantastic series and I’m looking forward to working with the new cast.”

Nikesh Patel, added: “”The new series of Bedlam has a really exciting cast. Dan has a dark side to him which is going to be a lot of fun to play, and I can’t wait to get stuck into the role.”
Anne Mensah, Head of Drama, Sky commented; “We have huge ambitions for BedlamThe show is a unique combination of engaging relationship drama and real scares.  Our fantastic cast are delivering wonderfully on the emotional material and our great production team seem determined to terrify the audience.   It’s a fantastic mix”.

Nicola Shindler, Executive Producer, Red Production Company commented: “I’m hugely excited to be making more of Bedlam, a show unlike any we have made at Red in the past. The mixture of scares, sexual tension and dark histories make it a real pleasure. And I’m delighted with the new cast, young, beautiful and very talented. This year will be even better”.

Bedlam is Executive Produced by Huw Kennair-Jones, Drama Commissioning Editor, Sky and Nicola Shindler from Red Production Company and Produced by Peter Gallagher (Single Father) and Directed by Fraser MacDonald (Secret Diary of a Call Girl).


2 thoughts on “Bedlam Series 2 – Airdate And Details Revealed

  1. Just watched series 2 and without the original cast it has lost it’s luster. Even if they are trying some strange plot where jed is alive and will re-appear sometime through the series or at the end its not going to have the same impact.

    the new cast is okay, some are a bit irritating to be honest and their characters are a little over the top. i think the ridiculous sub plot form the new man looking after the lets is going to be distracting and irritating like some horrible soap opera

  2. what happened to jed how can you do a second series without him in it when they didnt finish the last story line …….

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