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*Warning! Don’t read past this point if you don’t want to read spoilers – Including a possible character death, and a returning character.*

Filming news for series seven of Doctor Who has been rife lately, what with pictures and news stories of the filming in New York City – but now back closer to home in Cardiff, several interesting developments have become public knowledge through fan pictures and bits of filming info picked up from those watching the night filming at the Glamorgan Building in Cardiff, Wales. Including some major spoilers regarding a character death, and the return of Alex Kingston as Professor River Song.

We also see a return of the Weeping Angels, (also part of the NYC filming for the same episode) who have a distinct impact on what happens to Rory and Amy Pond (Arthur Darvill and Karen Gillan) in episode five (their last episode).

Take a good look at this book, its important!

Reports also suggest that during the episode filming in Central Park, NYC , The Doctor (Matt Smith) is seen reading a book called Melody Malone in Central Park (above picture). The name is said to be the name River Song will use to pose as a gangster – which according to a prop newspaper is the year 1938. There was apparently a photo double of Alex Kingston for the filming in NYC.

This is a short video of Matt Smith and Karen Gillan filming a scene where we see The Doctor reading the book, and begin to cry.


Pictures of River Song  and Amy (Kingston and Gillan) 

Thanks to mugim0e (Lee)

*Major spoilers* Scene descriptions for episodes 1 and 5. (Descriptions thanks to Doctor Who Spoilers)

Episode 1

Scenes all set in the TARDIS

Amy has a book of some sort and ask where he got it from. The TARDIS console at some point explodes and The Doctor is frantically looking for the landing lights while the TARDIS is spinning out of control. Amy then dashes for the TARDIS door. The doctor at some point is dancing/prancing around

Location: London Bus

Rory gets onto the London Bus (seen from location images) and is surrounded by bright lights / beams of lights.

Location: “White Room”.

There is a close up shot of Rory lying on white floor.

Location: Junction Room

Close up of The Doctor and Rory at Junction Room monitor.

At some point during the episode:

A scene set in a Chinese Workshop which features a Chinese foreman character and a scene set in Amy and Rory’s house which features wine and the TARDIS fading away.

For episode 5

Location: cellars of Grayle’s House

Rory is escorted down the stairs, something is moving in the dark. Rory lights a match and there is possibly something or someone there. It looks like Rory gets held hostage or taken by an Angel! Amy looks in the cellar. The Angels have taken Rory.  The match gets blown out.

More spoiler info

» Rory, at some point during the episode will be zapped back in times by a Weeping Angel, finding himself in New York in the past (remember the people in period clothing).  When the Doctor and Amy finally get to him, he will be an old man on his death-bed, and dies shortly after, leaving Amy a widow.  But hey, once The Doctor and Amy find Rory they should be able to go back to when he was first sent back, right?  No, there is also being reported to be some type of paradox involved, probably eliminating that possibility.

» There have been scenes filmed in Box Cemetery, and include a TARDIS that appears to be turning into stone, (some say battle damage or it was on fire.  I’m hoping for turning to stone) along with a Weeping Angel being spotted as well.

Box Cemetery, The  TARDIS that appears to be turning into stone or damaged by fire

The Doctor and River Song – reports suggest River (Alex Kingston) seemed to be wearing the same clothes as she did during her first appearance in Series 5.

Amy is said to have; “ran out from the TARDIS and stopped dead in front of the Weeping Angel and called the Doctor. He and River ran out in a hurry – River stopping behind – and the Doctor slowly approached the Angel. He stopped and tried pulling Amy away, but she was ignoring him and slowly walking towards the Angel. The Doctor was screaming, “No, no don’t do this, please!” 

“River tried pulling the Doctor away, but he carried on. River said, “Come on, there’s nothing we can do.” The Doctor shouted, “NO!” And then went up to Amy (who was still walking towards the Angel). He then entered  the TARDIS in anger and sadness, followed by River. Then they cut and just repeated the scene over again.”

The Weeping Angels (Above and Below) 


1930’s cars support the set time frame

 Other Sources: Liam Rees via doctorwhotv



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