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Misfits and This Is England 86/88 actor Joe Gilgun has joined the cast of BBC drama Ripper Street starring Matthew MacFadyen, Jermome Flynn and Adam Rothenberg, which is currently filming in Dublin, Ireland.

During an interview with SFX for his role in the new movie Lockout, Gilgun said: “I’m shooting in Dublin. I don’t know if you’re even interested in this, but I’m shooting in a period drama thing, which is f**king so ace, I can’t even tell you, I’ve grown a moustache and everything. It’s epic, it’s grown over my lip and I can curl it. I look like Charles Bronson after a famine.

He went on to say how he is unable to say the exact nature of his casting: “It’s set in the time of Jack the Ripper. It’s called Ripper Street, that’s all I can tell you. It’s a guest lead part so I’m bloody thrilled with it. It’s just such a bloody great job.”

Filming of Ripper Street will continue until late July. The drama will air on BBC One in the UK and as part of BBC America’s Dramaville in the Fall.

Read about Ripper Street here.

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