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Lip Service, BBC Three’s provocative drama, returns for a second series

Nora played by Sinead Keenan

Ambitious, driven and wildly uptight, Nora is Tess’s theatre co-star. After being the lead in a successful TV hospital drama, Nora appears to think she’s better than Tess and goes out of her way to belittle her at every turn. But in reality, self-absorbed and insecure Nora is threatened by Tess’s talent.

Nora is the mistress of backhanded compliments designed to unsettle those she deems unimportant – usually Tess. Ruthlessly ambitious and wildly manipulative, Nora can turn on the charm when she wants to, particularly with people she believes can help her climb the career ladder, leaving some people under the impression she’s a nice person. And much to the disgust of Tess, there’s no escape from Nora when she finds a way into her tight-knit circle of friends.

Why does Nora treat Tess so badly?

I think Nora reacts to Tess because I suspect Nora was always the pretty young thing in any job she’s had, but now here’s this other gorgeous and very talented actress who is a potential pretender to her throne as she sees it and therefore treats her like sh*t.

How did you find filming in Scotland?

It was an absolute joy joining the Lip Service team. Everyone was genuinely so lovely and welcoming. It really couldn’t have been better!

I love filming in Scotland, Glasgow particularly as it’s where my Papa was from. So any opportunity I get to film there, I jump at the chance.

As a city it really has changed through the years, into a really cosmopolitan city whilst still retaining the warmth and charm of its people.

Nora sometimes comes across as snide, do you think she’s simply misunderstood?

I would like to think that deep down Nora does have a really lovely side to her, but I have a sneaking suspicion if there is, then you would have to drill to get there. If her loveliness exists it really is buried deep, deep down!

I have met diluted versions of Nora I’m sad to say but I have yet to have the pleasure (thankfully!) of meeting anyone like Nora

What things can fans expect to see from newcomer Nora?

Fans can expect to see lots of back handed bitchiness and excruciatingly embarrassing moments from Nora. All in good fun, dahhllllinnngggggg!

Was filming on Lip Service quite a departure from Being Human?

It was quite s change from Being Human, not least because I didn’t have to get up at 3am to be wolverined! Also Nina wasn’t particularly ‘girly’ so it was nice to get dollied up in the make-up chair for a change!

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