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Lip Service, BBC Three’s provocative drama, returns for a second series

Sadie played by Natasha O’Keeffe

Street smart and irreverent, light-fingered Sadie found herself heartbroken at the end of the last series when she realised her fling, Frankie, loved Cat. At the beginning of this series we meet her down on her luck, but not for long.

Irrepressible Sadie is a fighter who is used to looking after herself. An unexpected helping hand from Frankie leads to some interesting opportunities in her work and personal life, which canny Sadie grabs with both hands.

Poor Sadie…why is she ‘down on her luck’ at the start of this series?

Well having no job, no money, no love life and homeless, Sadie feels pretty worthless. She may be ‘down on her luck’ but is characteristically dogged in all weathers.

How does Frankie help Sadie reverse her fortunes?

Frankie reveals some information that of course only Sadie grasps as a possible job opportunity. Using her trickster moves, she gets herself an interview and it goes from there in a not-so-conventional procedure shall I say.

Sadie isn’t always seen as a welcome addition to the group – do you think she’s treated unfairly?

I would be cautious of a character like Sadie too if I’m honest.

Now that Frankie appears to have chosen Cat instead of Sadie, does she feel snubbed?

Sadie is much more into Frankie than she may let on. Sadie’s good natured side cares for Frankie’s well-being and so she tries to accept her enduring love for Cat and be there for her in times of need.

What sort of reaction did you get from fans of Lip Service after the first series?

I keep myself away from typing my name into search engines as much as possible! So most of the things I have heard have been second hand by word of mouth. I think it took time for people to warm to Sadie in the first series. I was told about a ‘Natasha O’Keeffe Sadie’ Facebook page so had a peek at that. It’s very sweet!

I think this second series will unveil more about Sadie, quenching the thirst of viewers…

You’ve become one of the fans favourite characters in Lip Service – what’s that like and why do you think viewers love Sadie so much?

I really am chuffed that Sadie has become part of the ‘favourite club’ of Lip Service. I think the fact that she is this out of the box creature, somebody that you don’t get to meet very often, might explain why she is has been embraced by the viewers.

What things can fans expect to see Sadie get up to in the second series?

She is scheming things, letting her lust turn into love, going places she shouldn’t, pretending to be something she isn’t…..but surviving.

What projects are you working on in the not-too-distant future?

I am currently working on a film called FILTH. An adapted screenplay from the novel by Irvine Welsh. I am up in Glasgow again for that which is great!


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