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Episode 2 airs on BBC Three Friday 27th April at 9pm

It’s the morning of Cat’s birthday and Sam has the perfect day planned.

But far from being excited about the celebrations which await, Cat feels like a total fraud. Against her better judgement, she’s sleeping with Frankie behind an unsuspecting Sam’s back and even has a secret tryst planned for the afternoon.

Meanwhile, Tess helps new flatmate Lexy move in, using the opportunity to get to know her better, and is delighted to discover the sexy doctor is single.

But while her homelife is happy, things aren’t going so well for Tess on the work front. Self-obsessed actress Nora is doing everything she can to sideline and undermine Tess in a vain attempt to steal the limelight. Just as well Tess has Hugh for some much needed light relief.

Frankie’s career is on the up after she lands herself a job photographing a boutique hotel in the Scottish Highlands for trendy Scottish magazine Minus 21. In an attempt to make amends with Sadie, Frankie offers to split the fee if Sadie gives her a lift. But the road trip doesn’t go as smoothly for the friends as they had hoped.

Frankie’s delighted to see Cat and they share a passionate afternoon together which heralds a turn of dramatic events and unexpected consequences.

Cat is played by Laura Fraser, Sam by Heather Peace, Frankie by Ruta Gedmintas, Tess by Fiona Button, Lexy by Anna Skellern, Nora by Sinéad Keenan, Hugh by Stuart McQuarrie and Sadie by Natasha O’Keeffe.

BBC/Kudos/Steffan Hill

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