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Well the inevitable happened as we were left with a choice of watching the shiny new BBC Saturday night fare The Voice, or stick with ITV’s return of Britain’s Got Talent, as they went head to head with only a twenty-minute time difference. Here’s our opinion…

I should say from the outset I’m not reality TV’s biggest fan and BGT encompasses everything I don’t like about them! People who appear full of hope; and either a lack of confidence, or an abundance in measure even Cowell has to find a cutting remark so deep, they will probably never try anything again. Yes, some of the contestants are absolutely barking. But who allows them to go on knowing they will be a laughing-stock? What next court jesters as entertainment for Cowell and his courtiers.

The Voice UK had a shaky start not helped by that terrible group song at the start, but it held humour (who knew Will.I.Am was so funny), competitiveness, and for once a show that made the contestants feel good about themselves. Current multi-million pound recording artistes all falling over themselves to “coach” with an affection and banter I’ve not seen on other talent shows. .

In comparison we had Simon Cowell tell a duet that he should: “Dump the girl” little regard for her effort, talent and more importantly her feelings. Is there really any need for that?! Why do we have to annihilate someone to make good TV?

David Walliams was a master stroke for BGT but a lot of his charm lay in his constant winding up of Simon by putting through bizarre acts. It was a shame Michael McIntrye chose not to appear this series as he was a great choice. I’m over Cowell and his ego, if only the rest would follow, but hey-ho I’ll get over it.

The Voice had its flaws, but I didn’t once feel like I was taking part in a national humiliation. The sobs stories I could have done without, and as for the acts –  I’ll be interested to see the coaches process of elimination now they know what the contestants look like. With the majority so far not fitting into the typical musical industry popstar mould, how much weight really is going to be on “The Voice?

I certainly don’t think the two can be compared as their format and style is so different; in contrast there are many things you could say I enjoyed about one over the other, but then that goes for any programme. If you enjoy both styles then you have the best of both worlds. Personally I think the world has enough bad times without a TV judge adding to that for entertainment. But there is room for both without it being a battle!

Let us know your thoughts on the shows?