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Pictures for the third episode of series two of Upstairs Downstairs

When a scandalous novel is published by the beautiful Lady Portia Alersford, Blanche’s unconventional lifestyle is exposed.

The reaction both upstairs and down inside 165 Eaton Place is mixed, although Blanche remains defiant amidst the controversy. Portia offers Blanche refuge from the storm – but as both happy and sad memories from their shared past stir within her, Blanche remains conflicted.

Downstairs, Beryl is perturbed when her household duties are swapped with Eunice’s. As the workload takes its toll on the younger maid she decides to take a stand – but her actions have far-reaching consequences that shake the very foundations of what being a servant means inside 165 Eaton Place. Luckily an old face is on hand to offer some welcome and wise words…

As Sir Hallam prepares for another round of negotiations in Germany, Lady Persie drops a bombshell of her own, swearing Sir Hallam to secrecy. But when his efforts to help his sister-in-law prove fruitless, Lady Persie takes matters into her own hands, with dangerous consequences for all concerned.

Cast: Lady Portia Alersford played by Emilia Fox, Dr Blanche Mottershead played by Alex Kingston, Beryl Ballard played by Laura Haddock, Eunice Mccabe played by Ami Metcalf, Sir Hallam played by Ed Stoppard,Lady Persie Towyn played by Claire Foy,Lady Agnes played by Keeley Hawes, Mr Amanjit played by Art Malik, Rose Buck played by Jean Marsh, Mrs Clarice Thackeray played by Anne Reid, Mr Warwick Pritchard played by Adrian Scarborough, Harry Spargo played by Neil Jackson, Johnny Proude played by Nico Mirallegro, Duke of Kent played by Blake Ritson and Pamela Holland played by Sarah Gordy.

Thanks to BBC/Nick Wall

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