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Upstairs Downstairs returns for a second series on Sunday 19 February on BBC One at 9.30-10.30pm, with six episode’s this time.

Here are the BBC pictures and synopsis for episode one…


Written and created by Heidi Thomas, the hotly anticipated second series of Upstairs Downstairs returns to BBC One, starring Jean Marsh, Keeley Hawes, Ed Stoppard and Alex Kingston.

It is now September 1938. Sir Hallam is anxious about affairs in Germany and determines to persuade those in power that Hitler can’t be contained. But when he is met with short shrift from his superiors and sees his wife’s concern over what the possibility of another war might mean for their young family, Hallam is forced to consider whether his approach is the right one…and when he meets an unexpected face in Germany he begins to question more than his political beliefs.

Downstairs, with Rose taken ill with TB, the staff welcome spirited new maid Beryl, who catches Harry’s eye. But Beryl struggles to adjust to life in service and has greater ambitions.

Back at Eaton Place Sir Hallam’s wife Lady Agnes is extremely frail after giving birth to their second child, but returns to 165 to support her husband. After the death of Hallam’s mother, Lady Holland, the couple are playing host to Dr Blanche Mottershead, Hallam’s aunt, who continues to make herself comfortable at 165 some weeks after the funeral, much to Sir Hallam and Mr Amanjit’s dismay.

Lady Agnes, however, is grateful for the support Blanche lends in such uncertain times. But, despite Blanche’s support, Lady Agnes remains anxious about the safety of her family and her worries set off a chain of events which leads to a startling revelation about Mr Pritchard…

Cast: Sir Hallam played by Ed Stoppard; Beryl Ballard played by Laura Haddock; Harry Spargo played by Neil Jackson; Lady Agnes played by Keeley Hawes; Dr Blanche Mottershead played by Alex Kingston; Mr Amanjit played by Art Malik; Mr Warwick Pritchard played by Adrian Scarborough; Mrs Clarice Thackeray played by Anne Reid; Lady Persie Towyn played by Claire Foy; Johnny Proude played by Nico Mirallegro; Eunice McCabe played by Ami Metcalf; Duke of Kent played by Blake Ritson and Pamela Holland played by Sarah Gordy.

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