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Here are the promo pictures and synopsis for episode four of Inside Men on Thursday 23rd February.

Chris and Riaz are at each other’s throats as tensions in the group are starting to build during the final practice for the heist.

A new person in charge of security rubs John up the wrong way and he worries that she may put the whole job at risk.

Gina is offered a proper role in the heist and struggles with the decision to get fully involved. When she finally agrees, she is hit by the seriousness of what she is about to do. Both Gina and Marcus reflect on the risks they are taking and make a big decision as a result.

The team start to worry about Chris as his movements become increasingly unpredictable. John thinks Chris may struggle to go through with the plan.

Everyone tries to remain calm as the big day gets closer; they each savour their old lives for the last time before things change forever.

Steven Mackintosh plays John, Ashley Walters plays Chris, Warren Brown plays Marcus, Kierston Wareing plays Gina, Leila Mimmack plays Dita, Nicola Walker plays Kirsty, Hannah Merry plays Olivia, Tom Mannion plays Gordon, Ruth Gemmell plays Rebecca, Rebekah Staton plays Sandra, Irfan Hussain plays Kalpesh, Greg Chillin plays Riaz and Cornell S. John plays Sid.

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Thanks to BBC/Jules Heath/Des Willie/Nick Wall