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I can see why this episode is called The Graveyard Shift, it is like one of those long days where you get sporadic bits of activity amongst the mundane. It’s not a bad episode; it’s just not a lot happens! I’d say it’s more of an information episode where we learn vital parts about characters and plot, but very little action. The quiet moments were perhaps a little too quiet in places to keep you interested if every episode were like this, fortunately for Being Human we know that not to be the case.

Now Hal is a fully established member of Honolulu Heights it’s time he started paying his way by helping Tom in the cafe, a thought which puts fear into Hal, who’s been hidden from society for so long he still doubts his ability not to give in to his killing urges, to which Annie reminds him, he’s “managed for 55 years”. Annie too has her own fears as she doesn’t fully trust the boys with Eve and misses her old friends and the security they provided.

A lot of this episode is set in the cafe with Tom and Hal (and us) learning about each other’s characters. We learn in a funny scene that they’re both just as clueless as each other when it comes to women, with Hal’s best chat up line, “that’s a really nice look you’ve got going on there” then Tom follows it up with an even funnier attempt with, “I like your tights, you look like a bee, and I like bees!” Still the awful Michaela, who thinks she’s the next JK Rowling, thinks that the boys are not “dark enough” for her; she soon find out different. Tbh Michaela was in my mind a pointless addition to the episode. I’m not quite sure what her character was meant to add to the story other than somebody to put in peril, but she was (intentionally, so not the actress’ fault) annoying so we didn’t really care much about her fate, I was actually quite disappointed when Regus turned her into a vampire.

Mark Williams Regus went from the comic fodder in episode one to just plain weird and creepy in this episode and not in a vampire way. His sex memory thing with Annie had me cringing! But Regus was back for a reason, namely to chastise Annie that she hadn’t left Barry with Eve, as he had told the “Old Ones” he had killed her. He also told her of a nemesis who will try and stop Eve from her quest as saviour: a man with a burnt arm!

Fergus is onto them though and wants the baby as a trophy for the “Old Ones”. Who also reveals an important plot twist that Hal too is one of the “Old Ones.” Fergus calls him “My Lord” and flashback at the start of the episode showing us the power Hal had over him and his blood-thirst for women in particular. Hal proves he’s changed though as he stakes Fergus and stands strong with Tom and Annie to protect Eve and save Tom. Annie’s faith in her new family secure once more.

Someone is on the horizon though as we see a man come through a door from the other side when an old lady passes but is he friend or foe?

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