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ITV1’s Morse Prequel Endeavour which aired on Monday, could be about to get a full series commission it has been announced.

The detective show starring Shaun Evans as the title character Endeavour Morse and Roger Allam as DI Fred Thursday, is based on the early years of the Colin Dexter’s creation Inspector Morse, and attracted over 6.5m the highest ratings in five years for a ITV one-off drama.

Colin Dexter, who you may have spotted in Endeavour giving one of his trademark cameo appearances, responded to the news saying: “The gods were smiling on us in that we had a good script from Russell Lewis and I think Shaun Evans is a very admirable and perceptive actor.

“We’ve been extraordinary lucky over the years to have these faithful souls like John Thaw and Kevin Whately. And if this does go to a series, I think Shaun will join them because he’s got the sensitivity and vulnerability that gives people a spark of the more mature Morse.”

Executive producers at Mammoth Screen Damien Timmer and Michele Buck, who made Endeavour said: “We’re thrilled with the overwhelming response. The cries for a series are testament to Shaun Evans’s remarkable performance as Detective Constable Morse, and the very tangible chemistry between him and Roger Allam as Detective Inspector Fred Thursday.

“Conversations between Mammoth Screen and ITV1 are ongoing and a decision will be made in due course. Do show your support for Endeavour by voting for its return in the meanwhile, ” referring to a Radio Times Poll which had a 97% vote requesting a full series.

I personally loved the episode but what about you, would you like to see a full series?