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After the epic scenes, and general brilliance of the last episode, I had high hopes and was all geared up for an amazing finale. Did it pay off? Not really! Don’t get me wrong it was still a great episode, but lacked the action of last episode. I loved the slo-mo scenes last week but this time, they took away the feeling of wow that they created last week by being using them too often and in the wrong places.

This episode followed directly on from the last, with Arthur, Merlin, Gwen and Tristan and Isolde running from Agravaine and the Southran army, following Morgana’s attack and seizing of Camelot. Merlin calls upon our long time no see friend the dragon to help them escape in Ealdor. But Agravaine catches up and has self sacrificing Merlin trapped leaving him no choice but the use his magic, (you know the over-used one of two tricks he can do, throwing against walls and fire). Well he throws Agravaine, leaving him dead, but not before Agravaine points out the likeness between himself and Merlin both keeping secrets from Arthur.

Arthur has lost his faith in his ability to be King after the betrayals of Morgana and Agravaine. Its up to Merlin to restore his faith, by relaying the tale of the sword in the stone, and that only the true king of camelot can release the sword. With words of encouragement, and a little help magical help from Merlin, Arthur removes the sword, his faith restored and with the people of Camelot they head to Camelot to reclaim his throne.

As for Gwen and Arthur its starts off a little rocky but Isodle’s death is the catalyst for Arthur to end it with a fairytale wedding. As happy as I am that they’ve finally married. It was marred by the fact the revelation that Gwen was enchanted by Morgana’s bracelet when she kissed Lancelot was never revealed. So Arthur will continue to think she betrayed him, and Gwen will forever feel guilty and presumably talked about by the people of Camelot. They may have been proving Arthur loves her regardless, but that’s one hell of a loose end that I hope they clear up next series.

Morgana’s revelling in her achievement until Emrys pops up again to frighten her, her resolve and powers not so strong when Merlin casts a spell that removes her powers! Now why didn’t he do that in episode 1? The face-off between Her and Arthur was quite moving between brother and sister as they both realise how alive their father they are. With her power gone she runs with gwen and Merlin in tow, Morgana and Gwen prepare to battle, with Gwen asking why Morgana hates her so: “its not what you did it what you’re destined to do,” Morgana says. As Morgana is about to kill Gwen Merlin the most powerful wizard, throws *yawns* Morgana and she disappears with Gwen asking what happened! Open your eyes women. How convenient she doesn’t even suspect merlin. And instead of staring at the blank spot on the floor, why don’t they go and look for Morgana!

Were left with a slightly ambiguous ending, with Morgana collapsing in the forest. Aithusa the baby dragon lands and breathes on Morgana to re-awaken her, he watches her sympathetically before flying off leaving Morgana in awe, eluding to Dragon Aithusa being a bag egg after-all. Great acting all round, I’m quite sad that Agravaine has been killed of though thought he was a good nemesis, less Panto than Morgana. My one wish for next series; please no more aged Merlin/Emrys; it didn’t work, other than that, roll on series 5.

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